Kids Stories

The children of Great Mission Village come from a variety of Backgrounds but all seek and deserve access to education and a solid foundation from which to grow and improve their lifes

Highlighted below are a few of Great Mission Village Children Stories


Nanjala was living with her uncle who beat, raped, and impregnated her at age 13. The Great Mission Village took her in, .... Read More >


Wairimo was found on the streets of Westlands – a neighborhood in Nairobi – where her, her mother, and her four brothers survived by begging .... Read More >


At the age of 13, Joysilin returned to Nairobi from Kitale, where she had been living with her aunt who was no longer able to financially support Joysilin and her schooling., .... Read More >


Moses was brought to the home after being orphaned by the death of his mother from HIV. Having HIV himself, Moses was very ill when he arrived .... Read More >


Makhoha was found in the streets of Kangemi – a neighborhood in Nairobi – where he scavenged and sold scrap metals and plastics to buy food .... Read More >