Name: Joysilin

Age: 14

Sex: Female

Interests and hobbies: Reading, writing poems and short stories, watching movies, and dancing

At the age of 13, Joysilin returned to Nairobi from Kitale, where she had been living with her aunt who was no longer able to financially support Joysilin and her schooling. Based on the influence of her mother’s boyfriend, she was not welcome back in to her mother’s home and was forced out on to the street.

Joysilin came to the Great Mission Village to ask for assistance to go to school, but has received much more. Joysilin is excelling in school, posting the highest marks in her class. She is an excellent dancer and writer, and is very good in math. Because of her mathematic accuracy and speed, she is in charge of inventory and record keeping in the home.