About Us

The Great Mission Village is a children charity,for children with children. Meaning it supported by children for children. The Great Mission Village was founded in 2011 with one girl in the Sunday school I was leading who at the age of 9yrs had never been to school. The small act of sending the girl to school opened up for more who were in the same sitution like Ann to open up and cry loud that they want Education. The following Sunday four of them came out openly confessing they too don't go to school and they would like to go to school.

At the moment the The Great mission Village is a home of 69 children between the age of 4 yrs and 18. Which 42 of them are girls and 27 boys. The charity also supports eleven(22) children who don't live at the home. The children include; former street boys and girls,the orphaned and the less fortunate in the society. The kids to a lot of activities to have school fees and food on the table. These includes;- dancing and singing gospel music,bead work,designing Masai sandals and making rags and mats. The kids are also great environmentalist. For once every month since October 2013they have a date to go to the streets of Kangemi and the neighborhood for a mass cleanups.

This has given birth a project ; TURNING WASTE TO WEALTH. With the motto 'YOUR WASTE OUR FOOD" the project involves collecting all kinds of plastics during our cleanups go with them home and we are trying to boil them to make plastic fencing poles. Using a plastic boiling hopper. The plastic has not picked well due to lack of enough plastic. For what we collect from our cleanups can only make one pole or at times not enough to. For the success of this we need capital to buy more plastics and also people to donate plastics.

The charity has many challenges due to lack of market of our stuffs,the high school fee for our Sixteen kids in high school. These leads to lack of enough food to eat ,house rent and children sent home because of school fee.